Photography is an art in capturing light. It is the passion for the art that has brought me here. 

My portfolio of pictures represent my experiments with wide range of genres as against a niche. 

I actually started with astrophotography and got my first DSLR mainly for this purpose. I learnt the telescope f numbers much before learning somewhat counter intuitive lenses' f numbers. But it has been lot of fun.

I thank Scott Kelby for his collection of great photography training materials, books and practice images. Though I have spent money in buying the training resources, their worth is beyond compare. 

I am also a self-trained in Adobe graphic design suites (Photoshop and Illustrator), UI Designer, web designer and a rookie coder. This website is 100% my personal effort....yeah that's true....believe me!!! I have used a squarespace template as a foundation and improved upon with some customized codes.

Hope you like my pictures and website. I will be extremely grateful to you and delighted if you can take a few minutes to leave your comments. 

Oh Yes!!! more thing.....I am delighted to mention that I have crossed the mandatory 10,000 pictures!!!

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